December 10, 2008
As I walk through the empty aisle dullness of the corridor surrounds me as I move through the darkness.

I hear doors creaking which made me shiver in frightened me for a second.

And then they slammed as the people wait for the early dawn.

Looking at my watch, I quickly moved through the hallway.

Reaching my apartment, I took a breath; suddenly I heard something slam inside.

As I went inside I see drapes being depressed, dull and gray, giving me a gloomy feeling.

The curtain gave me speckles of light flowing through the curtains.

I heard faint crying.

The darkness of the room was giving me a creepy feeling, as if someone was watching me from a distance.

As I moved closer I could hear it shrieking, as if it was trying to escape the feeling of stress it was giving me now.

I moved one step back, trying to find the imposter who was giving all this tension.

The voice came louder and louder! My heart was beating faster and faster!

I have to escape from whatever it was.

This feeling wasn’t worth being waited for, now.

This is not something you’d want to be eager for.

There is only one word that could describe this awful feeling.

This feeling is unpleasant.

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