December 10, 2008
i remember the first sight a little picture on a page hate and love wraped within metaphoric states
consuming everything and anything around four on the floor became valid and vital trapped in a web of confussion and love and lost without words she shined with the brightest light but she didnt know she shined as i dont as people in this life we interpate we judge and fulfill our lives with hate and self pleasure
while we seem to fall in to rest we struggle yet she stares on with grace as if unchange she is an enlightenment of this world and what we could become like all others she has a flaw but most dont see their own so how can they see anothers how can anyone judge her enlightenment has brought me from slumber and helped me see flaws her beauty has shown me what can be she is an enlightenment she is my sight and hope one day the world my see what i dobut for now her enlightenment has atleast reached me and will all ways have me to fall into for faith and my arms to fall into rest she is my enlightenment and will always be

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