Storm of the Bering Sea

December 9, 2008
Less, minimal of size:
A ship surfacing out to sea.
A tempest gusted into the paths
Paying the sailors a violent fee.
She blistered into the sails
And struck hard with clenched fists.
A tumbling rain fell upon them
On came a thrashing wind of mists.
Intensity overcame the crew
As she thundered with such might.
Frantically, the men scurried along,
Screaming in trembling fright.
Masts fell clumsily,
Colliding with the remaining men.
Hailing winds tumbling the vessel
Lightning hit angrily, once again.
Bellowing out a loud roar,
Thunder echoed through their ears.
Shards of sleet quickly fell,
As did the storm of tears.

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