December 7, 2008
By Dan Callahan, Fairfield, CT

Sit alone
Peace and calm
Release the stress
From the day that passed
To calm my nerves
I watch the birds
Move about this early morn
I wish I could fly
See towns go by
The sun aglow
The people below
Hum a melody
Whistle a tune
Chase the clouds
Race the birds
As free as the birds
Glide and slide
Through the sky
Until the sky
Turns dark with dusk
Then I shall return
Only to rest
For another day
That lay ahead
Then I wonder
What do birds do
When they feel the stress
To make a nest
Or fight a pest
Do they wish to be like me
Grounded and calm
For that’s not what goes on
This I why I sit alone
And dream
Of an escape.

The author's comments:
Hi I'm a newer writer. I haven't done much of this but I wrote this piece because a friend of mine was thought that his world was falling apart. So i wrote this to express what i thought he was feeling

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