i miss you...

December 6, 2008
By olivia shields, Bethel, AK

The day I left you
I broke you heart
I asked you for one more chance
And you never answered…

Just thinking about you hurts
Realizing that you are the one for me
Hoping that we could start over
What we once had…

Days and night I long for you
I might say I’m over you but
Deep down inside I know that’s
I’m just speaking my mind…

I write your name a billion times
Hoping someday that you’ll be mine
Just hearing you name makes me all
Fluffy in side…but I realize that we
Could never be…

Late at night I cry for you
Days I hide my pain behind smiles
Hoping no one will notice
No one has a clue…

When I talk about you I just can’t stop
The feeling I have for you is unexplainable
The thought is unimaginable
You are the only person that
Makes me blush and feel like
I have never felt...

Flash backs of our walks at the beach
Laughing, swimming, having fun,
Walking through cold sea waters
Make me smile but reality comes back
And then I frown…
My feelings are not worth mentioning
My memories aren’t worth remembering
My thoughts aren’t worth thinking
My wishes will never come true…

I guess if heart is blows up into
A million pieces you wouldn’t care
If I say I love you wouldn’t hear
When I touch you, you won’t feel
I guess we weren’t meant to be
All I just wanted to say was that
I miss you….

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