Why I Hang Alone

December 6, 2008
By Teriya Stewart, Greensboro, NC

Why I hang Alone:
Some people get sad, however I am always mad.
I'm a vey young female who disowns her dad.
I usually hang alone, because no place to me is home.
I'm a girl who'll always roam.
I have always been in my own zone.
I'd prefer to stay alone.
I am nobodies clone
My heart and soul has been turned to stone.
This is why I hang alone. I don't keep friends.
I keep associates, because to me friends are just negotiates.
I don't trust anyone but my deceased grandmother.
Now that she is deceased I trust no other.
This is why I hang alone.
Some poeple are glad, sad, or happy. I am only mad. This is why I hang alone.

The author's comments:
I am a young poet. I began writing poetry at the age eight. I was bored then it just beacme a hobby. I write songs, poems, and stories. I love writing!

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