December 6, 2008
Nick, kevin, joe
There to witness the crime
Like a meteor crashing
A wake up call
A slap in the face
Saying hello in 20 different languages
One that was vital to pop the bubble
That was keeping us trapped
Inside where it is black and white
Straight out of the handbook
Where Hooters is a strip club
And individuality is deterred.

Tonedeaf we were
Slap happy we were
Liberated we were
Buoyant on a high of adolescence
Linked in the mind
Help fixed by a bond of friendship
That no one at that moment could penetrate
Oblivious to all that may be

Our eyes were opened that night
Though never in our own hearts
Or our own loves
We saw the true agony
After the metal crashed
And the sirens blared
The screams
Those damn screams
Which pursue my dreams
Creep into my deepest emotions
Shouts of his other half
Just being ripped
Severed in two
Torn piece by piece
Out of his chest
Ten feet in front of him
And all he can do is hope
Tha something will come
A dove
From the heights of the mountain tops
And scoop up the crummy parts
Leaving him a miracle
Embrace it quick
Hold on tight
And believe in the impossible.

The outcome of that night is a mystery to me
I suppose I shall never know
If that man got his miracle
That leaves me in the ashes
Now the choice is up to me
Will I call for an SOS?

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