The Man of My Dreams

December 6, 2008
By Sierra Schraufstetter, Cheektowaga, NY

Please Stop
Let me speak
I must tell you
How much I love you

You with your dark eyes
And your dark beautiful hair
Your soft kind lips
And your brilliant touch

I think of you every night
Before I close my eyes
I wish upon a star
To be with you for eternity

I wish for you to hold me
Hold me with all your might
And to comfort me
In my time of need

Whenever I fall I know
You’ll be there to catch me
You saved me from heartbreak
You’re my love

When we’re miles apart
And I hurt
You can feel my pain
And I know you worry

Your smile lifts my spirit
You presence makes me
Feel so alive
So beautiful and wanted

Just thinking of you
Saved me from myself
You gave me the strength
To go on

You’re the man I always wanted
The Man of My Dreams
You’re everything
That I ever wanted

When I got hurt
You healed my wounds
When I got sick
You cured me

When I got scared
I’d think of you
And then
My fears would fade

When I doubt you
You would say
I could say anything
And you would always love me

Everyday my heart
It would yearn for you
And I would see you
Every night in my dreams

I’ve never even met you
But I know
You’re perfect
The Man of My Dreams

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