Optimism: A wall.

December 5, 2008
By Anonymous

I'm scared,
But I will hide my fear,
And hope that my locked door is enough,
To keep the demons out of my dreams,

Yes, that would be nice.
A solid wall, between innocence and evil.
If innocence could even exist in such an evil world.

Maybe a wall is there.
Maybe it is just so thin, so hidden.
I know though, that my chance at life,
Is hanging on one thin strand of hope,
That if even a minuscule wall is not there,
That it one day will be.
And that it could have the power,
To wash my heart of its blackening evil.
And turn it into innocence.
And protect this small bit of innocence,
From the demons that pick the lock,
On the door,
That has malfunctioned so many times before...

Yet still my optimism gets to me.
I wonder if innocence could not be created,
In another world, another realm.
Maybe, just maybe,
Where it could be hidden,
From all demonic spirits.
Could it not be sheltered by one power greater,
Than the lock breaking thieves that have empowered too many souls.

So is Satan too strong to be defeated?
Are we really doomed in this?
Could there not be a little, hope.
Could there not be a little freedom from,
The chains that grip at mankind's ankles?

Without hope, wont we all shut down?
Is it just so hidden in plain sight,
That its disguise looks so much like this world,
That I must agree is corrupt and tinted by even evil that I may have only created in my mind,
That we could never see the slightest bit of hope,
Of innocence that Satan has yet to kill?

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