Remember When

December 5, 2008
By Shannon Keane, South Salem, NY

I simply don't know.
I just can't explain
The words are not there, neither obvious nor plain.

Don't ask me what
And don't ask me why
And don't ask me, please, if you love me, to try.

I've done this before
I've done it again
And I'm sure, if I asked, you all remember when

Attempting is wasted
The time is past
And my mind can't except it, it all went too fast.

Yet why do I do this?
Again, I don't know.
There's no real reason, no logic to show.

And then there it is
Here it is, in the moment
As if all of the past sins are still in atonement

It will always be merciless
Present in the depths of my heart
That wondering if the ship had never reached its depart.

I know I won't go there
The mistakes I won't make
I know the risks well that I've considered to take.

Because I've done this before
And I'll do it again
Because I just can't help it, you all remember when.

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