Goodbye, Girl

December 5, 2008
By Jesse Bauer, Vale, SD

Nervous girl, hands are shaking.
Tears rolling down cold black metal.
Why was she crying? this has to be done.
Holding back, a sign of weakness.
Wiping her eyes with a wet sleeve.
Again the taste of iron on the tongue.
Friends' faces blinking through her mind,
hands still quiver, biting down on steel.
A tooth chips, just pain, but tears fall more.
Visions of smiling, laughter, wiping her eyes again.
Twitch of the finger, eyes closed.
Just a click, safety.
A sigh of pain, relief, she pulls back,
why was she waiting? this has to be done.
Push of a button and again she bites.
Same faces, same smiles and laughter.
Then one view of her reason.
The reason only she knows.
Freezing, tears stop, cold and hate in her eyes.
Anger dominates the mind.
No more crying, this has to be done.
Looking at the family photo, waving goodbye.
Twitch of the finger, eyes wide open.
A crack then silence, no one makes a sound.
No one there to make it, quietness.
Rapid footsteps through the house
then a mother's scream, a father's tears
a brother emptying his stomach.
Selfish girl, stupid girl, what have you done?
Twitch of the finger, one life lost.
More lives ruined.

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