December 5, 2008
The biggest scandal
The most impossible situation
The strangling feeling
Closing in
Just think back for a moment
How did it all begin?
A summer spent under the trees
Love changed
As did the leaves
A new relationship blossomed
But was tainted from the start
The little devil man
Used a poisoned dart
Giving him the power
To reel in
And cast out
Fueling up
On self doubt
The blossoms soon wilted
And death followed
A web of lies
Continues to grow
Pausing sometimes
Others just slow
The tears always fall.
Putting an end to it all.
Out with a vengeance
Planning the lies
Heartache awaits
Hidden in rhyme
Opportunity came with a scandal
More than impossible to handle
Free spirited, free mind
Put a name on the dotted line
Playing on hate
About to make
The biggest mistake
Goals set.
Plans in place.
Never in a million years
Will this be traced
Not here.
This small town
Needs something big
Secrets converse
With their own jumbled coin sound
A simple dare
Started this mess
Although it fit in
A disaster
None the less
The talking initiated
A meeting
Dirt with pebbles of lust
The vines spread throughout the town
Wrapping us up
Dragging us down
Broken at times
Caught in this web of lies
Still growing
Not a pause in sight
Faster than the speed of light
Goal accomplished
With pieces everywhere
Try to put it together
Give it a shot.
Better yet
Consider it a dare
You’ll never catch it
The hidden meetings
Unknown knows
But that’s the way scandal goes
The pieces will never fit
They’ve been taken with
Buried to rot
Never to give
Truth sought
The scandal continues
One never expected
Right under your nose

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