Kings of Old

December 7, 2008
By Shelby Jackson, Edmond, OK

Kings of Old
Once upon a hill of gold,
Sat three kings of kingdoms old.
For how to divide their land, twas the question,
For each wanted more then their share,
And each wanted what was more than fair.

They argued and fought,
Tell their kingdoms rot,
And everything was in darkness,
But their quest for more land, none would give in,
And so no one could win.

But then came, upon the land,
A stranger who had something planned,
A truce, a peace, for the kings,
So they will live peacefully forever more,
And in then no spot of sore.

So the stranger emerged from the mist,
For they came up with a list,
It said that the kingdoms could merge together,
So the kings would get all the lands,
And together they’d have some mighty hands.

And now the three kings of old,
With their mighty kingdom of gold,
Now live together, in peace and wealth,
And enjoy great prosperity,
Yes, the three kings of old.

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