Fighting Folly

December 5, 2008
By Wilkin Howard, Conroe, TX

I fight this deviant dragon daily
As I want to fly, I am forced~falling on my own folly
This dragonn drags me down determined to break my spirit
I wish to raise myself to the pinnacle promised to those who pursue a prize
But my winged-demon lies inside myself, dormant yet screaming
The harder I fight, the heavier he heaves himself upon me
When I need to feel the love of family and friends, he forces feuds ferociously
The harder this hell-eagle hits, the harder it is to hide the bruises on my battered self
This dragon is derived from my doubt, and I doom myself by delivering it fresh dinner
Soon, this dragon will know what it feels like to be in my place
This taloned terror will tremble
I will righteously rise above it after I quit feeding it with my follies
Surely this dragon of self-doubt can no longer linger if it is given no heed

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