Flower Tears

December 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Flower Tears
Flower tears make me sore and dry.
Flowers make heartbeats fly.
Flower tears are frail and die
Flowers always stay alive.
Flower tears have fingers longer than eyes can see.
Flowers fall sweetly on my knee.
Flowers are better than flower tears.
Tears make me wish I couldn’t hear.
Hearing means I hear each splatter,
I hear the pain as my heart shatters
My brain tatters
The earth clatters
I hate tears
My tears are from my fear
That things won’t work out
That my life will go down and out
That people will stop and give to me,
The humblest of their charities.
That birds will buzz
And bees will sing
And life, row on for eternity.

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