Never Forget

December 5, 2008
Can’t you see how I feel?
I’m lost, confused, helpless.
I’m lonely. I want you back.
Can’t you stay? I miss you.
Please don’t go, can’t you stay?
My love, my life, my world.
My world has come crashing down at your feet.
What happened to you?
Where did the guy I love go?

I miss him.
I miss him so.
I loved him
My life and love
Turned dark, turned to snow
The river keeps going
It’s gonna flow
My life goes as it flows
Down the river, slow and slow
My dreams, they flow
Slower and slower
Down the river
I hate watching them flow
I hate seeing them go
It kills me inside

I want to cry whenever I hear your name.
A song, a saying.
It all kills me.
My heart breaks, I don’t know how I’m still alive,
I don’t know what’s keeping me alive.
I worry if you’re all right,
If someone cares for you,
If someone makes sure you’re ok, your chest is ok, the knots in your back are taken care of.
Does someone help you with your rips, keep them clean?
I’ll always be here to help you.
Just let me know and I can help,
Because as much as I’m hurt, as much as it all kills me
I love you still,
I always have and I always will.

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