My Wish For Him

December 7, 2008
By danaee SILVER, Marinette, Wisconsin
danaee SILVER, Marinette, Wisconsin
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A young boy;
cried no tears,
stood tall.
learned no fears.

An older boy;
cried no tears,
stood tall,
learned no fears.

The current boy;
it's all the same.
He's been brainwashed
since hes had a name.

He says crying is a weakness,
thats all there is to it.
We smile and nod,
because theres no way to get through it.

Little boy grew up fast;
kept growing up,
even in his past.
He had no choice,
he grew up in it.
He didnt ask for it,
he was thrown in it.

Little boy lost his childhood,
at a very young age.
We all laugh and smile,
but for him
we are filled with rage.

Little boy won't learn what love is;
wont get his hugses.
Momma Daddy dealing the streets,
getting checked on by the cops on the beat.

Little boy grew up

Little boys me best friend

I'd do anything for him

To not live it again.

Current boy;
breaks my heart
he only sees
the future dark.

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