December 5, 2008
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♥Is it possible♥
I never thought it was possible..
for someone like you to complete me
Your the only one i want
the only one i think about
the only one I love,
You've had your messed up times
as I've had just the same
but everyone makes mistakes
and you've never been one of mine
be with me til the end of time
I'll give you my heart
you give me your mind
I have your heart so why ask for it?
You have my mind my body my heart and my soul
every part of me is under your control
so if I'm giving it to you
please give your all to me in return
Baby you say things so simple but you probably don't know how much they truly get to me...
Things you say i take to the heart
and even when i don't think you will
you take my breath away
You once said
"Baby i wanna be with you....Let's not say forever because one day i have to die so lets say a rele long long time"
things like that ↑
make moments with you feel like they'll never fade away
I swear sometimes you read my mind
and you never fail to time after time
I'll think of something i wanna ask
and always you give me an answer without a word
passing my lips
odd? Or more like an unique bond
One more thing you said which started out innocent joking
we got into a love fight
and we'd go back and forth saying "i love you" "But i love you more"
and you'd always say you truly loved me more
But how bout this
You told me you knew you loved me since that one amazing day
and i figured out you may not love me more
but you knew you loved me before i knew i loved you
But.... by the time i had realized it sadly it was too late
But all was not lost cuz look where we are now
I guess when you finaly speak from your heart and not from your suppressed fears
amazing things like this happen to simply ordinary people like you and me♥

Sometimes i feel so weird for writing things like this and posting them
but i don't care
it's the closest thing i have to a ventilation of the way i feel

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