Little Piece of Luck

December 4, 2008
By Leah Westendorf, Chapel Hill, NC

Green as a granny smith apple

Soil, sun and water is its feed
Light green and small leaves formed from a seed
It got bigger and bigger inch by inch
As delegate as a baby with one small pinch
I found it in the Hill of Chapel
It was a little piece of June
Curved like the moon

Zig -- Zag stripes line the leaves in white
It’s velvet leaves shine in the light
Leaves branch out at the top of a green stem
If you find one with four leaves it is more valuable than a gem

Brothers and sisters grouped together as one
They give a carpet for friends and fun
The soft petals feel smooth across my bare feet
The ones with four bring me luck and treat

They’re hard to find but all are tall
Four leaves bring joy to all
You must be patient, as they make you hunt
But when you find one, you won’t dare grunt

I’ve found three clovers with four
So my luck is all good
I’ve done all my chores
So I think I’ll look for more

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