Freshman Year

December 6, 2008
A bell for every imprisonment.
A bell to set me free.
A constant, ticking time clock,
Of superfluous misery.

Happiness on the surface,
Hell boiling just below,
Hiding all my agony,
Now you'll never know.

Fake a smile for every "friend",
So there's no clear change in me,
While the tears rip through my heart,
Where nobody can see.

A silent, slicing scream,
Echoes through my head,
And causes havoc in my mind,
That wishes I was dead.

Fire behind my eyes,
Burning, waiting tears.
Searching for the solution,
To terminate my fears.

All my thoughts are dipped in suicide,
A sweet, unlawful end,
To the torture and the issues,
Too impossible to mend.

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