a shadow sorely remain

December 4, 2008
Death from the silence,
Heart ache from the pain,
Twisted metal from the finger tips of the lion’s furry mane.
Forever in secrecy,
Death from the godliness,
Of one who not be named.
Fire froze forever,
Silence only remains.
Heart ache from the heroes who left forever in vain.
Fiends outside the windows,
A shadow sorely remains.
Death surrounded all but one who lay in the shadows of all those he has slain.
His life barely shown on a bright winter day.
As the fire finally sounded a pop on this winter day,
His life hung in the balance of death and decay on this bright winter day.
He lay in the shadows of the slain on this bright winter day.
This day was so bright that the shadow forever faded away.
Now his life shows ever so slightly on this bright winter day.
He who once was greatness now and forever faded away,
Forever silent.
Now no shadow sorely remain.

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