“Lapli Ka Tonbe”

December 4, 2008
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The rain descends dripping the drops of bad vibes
Caught up in the other cities it stormed over
Falling, spreading the disease of
Misfortunes to the unsuspecting
Lapli ka tonbe

Pittering on your window
Pattering on your door
Pounding it’s sinful ways into your life
Punishing you with the least of reason
Lapli Ka Tonbe

Washing over your face
Wiping away the optimism
Bringing the satirism
Of everyday life

That’s rain
And when it’s raining
Let it pass and be ready all the while
Because rain is the least of the storm
It’s what comes after

“Non pèmét lapli tonbe ak fosè li fason an ou vi”
“Don’t allow the rain to force it’s way into your life.”

“Lapli ka tonbe” is Creole for “It’s raining”

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