Just tell me.

December 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Your back makes me stop,
Your walk makes me follow,
Your words make me on top,
But your feelings make me hollow.
Your memories make me feel,
Your stares make me shred,
Just seeing you makes me want to reveal,
The words that I left unsaid.
You hold her in your arm,
As if you forgot about the past.
You are my only harm,
You're also my brace,My cast.
I know we can't last forever,
Forever doesn't exsist.
But just hold me once more,
So I can stop crying and balling up my fists.
Just give me an answer give me the truth.
Just let me fall and let me hurt until I soothe.
Just cut off my unrealistic dreams and make me sober.
Just tell me now and tell it true..It's over.

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