Your Fears

December 2, 2008
By Savannah Long, West Valley City, UT

You always knew, just what to say,
Things always seemed, to go my way,
I never thought, that maybe you, needed me,
more than I needed you, I was so blind, so
wrapped up in my pain, I never thought, maybe you felt the
same, I let you heal me, let you lead me away,
when you yourself, weren't okay, I should've noticed,
the battle inside, the pain that hid, deep within your eyes,
I'm sorry my love, I'd take it all back, i'd take all your pain,
I'd survive the attack, and now here I sit, crying my tears,
becuase I didn't rid you, of all of your fears.

The author's comments:
Sometimes people heal us, Sometimes they simply give us reason to smile when we thought all reasons were gone, and sometimes they make us feel as if every burden has been lifted off our shoulders. But, sometimes we forget to do our part. Always look in front of you and see who's in need of you, see the one carrying your burdens and relieve them. give them a shoulder to cry on, a heart to rely on, or time to stop and just breath.

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