Three Years

December 2, 2008
By Jasmine Maye, Montgomery, AL

May 27th, it came.
For three years I blamed myself,
The arguments
The pain,
Everything that followed
Your departure was the hardest.
You know what to do to make me forget who I am .

An ocean was cried for many nights and days.
Why did you wait till now?
Your selfishness,
And for what?
I am you in so many ways,
Yet you don’t accept.

The many questions that flow through my brain,
Worried and full of fear.
You don’t understand,
So shut up.
You hear me, but your not listening.
Not knowing what to feel,
There was some emotion that keep the tears flowing.
The headache and tension that flowed through the body,
It just wouldn’t stop.
Wanting to get away
Far where I would forget about you,
But that would never be possible.

If you live in your past,
Then forget about having a future.
The control you have
Well that’s done

I must do me and now its my turn
To feel complete happiness.
The void that was missing and half of it was
You and now it has been filled
With the support and love that was missing,
It has now been found.
I don’t care if you accept it or not.

Three years has passed.
Three years of change.
My life is new and better,
Now that I’ve realized the real problem
And that’s you and not me to blame.

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