so said the people

December 1, 2008
By s.m.b. /, Dhdggs, ZZ

so said the people
as they walked to their cars
the only real reliability
is built with metal bars

the wood, it breaks so easily
the glass, it shatters quick
but nothing is so firm and right
as a metal, smooth and slick

and they really were quite right you know
they told no lies at all
some people now might say
it's wrong, their theory will fall

but really what could take the place
of a metal hard and strong?
a crowd of humans drinking wine
and singing all along?

or maybe a group of friends
side by side at lunch
adding sugar to their coffee
giving it that special punch

maybe a loved one sleeping near
so silently and still
the love you feel is so damn grand
you get that crazy chill

or then again, a person lost
alone, forgotten, on the street
bits of broken concrete
lying heavily by his feet

because people just like concrete break
and nothing can be done
except to buy a metal bar
and watch it glimmer in the sun

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