An Ode For Those Who Suffer

December 1, 2008
Living with such luxuries- we find it hard to think
That one could function with the absence of
The cars, the clothes, the food and drink

When winter arrives and cozy jackets reemerge
We take for granted what mommy buys on a shopping splurge

We say- “it’s cold, lets turn on the heat-”
But what if there was no such heat to warm our frozen feet?

We find it hard to imagine that very few live like we do.

For afar across the globe, way over in Darfur
There is no heat, no luxuries, no food and drink galore

Imagine days where women suffer with feelings of fear and dread
“This breath may be the last I take,” one frightened woman said

For every day, they go to collect the firewood they need
To make the fire to warm the children and cook the food they feed

And every day, along this journey, they walk with Fear and Dread
Afraid to be raped by the Janjaweed, or worse- end up dead

This genocide- it horrifies- leaving millions deceased
Yet, so many are unaware, from north to south to west to east.

The fortunate are reluctant to address Darfuri trouble
In the community in which I live-
Encased in a sheltered bubble.

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