December 1, 2008
By Matthew Cambpell, McDonough, GA


The holidays are coming around,
I can tell by the smell and every sound,
And also by the sights I see,
Like the arrival of my family.

There is something about holiday food,
It puts you in the perfect mood.
The baking pies, they smell so great,
But are demolished after everyone ate.

The fellowship we spend together,
Helps combat the wintry weather.
Forgetting theses days the children will not,
Because of all the gifts that money has bought.

And the wonderful decorated Christmas tree,
Fills the little ones with glee,
Because they know that Christmas is here,
And Santa brought toys with him this year.

Unfortunately these days must end,
But luckily they will occur again.
And even though these days are few,
Next year my memories will be new.

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