December 1, 2008

Burning torrents of snow and ice,
Shredding lives as surely as fire,
As finely as an assassin’s knife.
So stepped a demon from the winter’s cold,
To call forth a legend of which the only the ancients told,

Cloaked in silk as dark as a shadow,
Brought forth by wings, blue with ice so cold,
Eyes afire with forces begging to break his hold,
So walks an angel that the Elders thought fit to hide from this land,
And then bring forth against this monster and its tormenting stand.

Drawing his blade in an elegant flash,
From his folded and belt like sash,
The hero strikes, tongue dancing with magic,

Whipping his arm with a glasslike crystal lash,
The demon brings it down in a blade like slash,
Stripping the blade from the hero’s hand

Taking his lash so mean and long,
Again whips the demon as the blizzard sings his deathly song,
Coiling the ice over the hero’s arm,
Failing to expect a pull so strong,
So goes the lash, instantly gone.

Whipping forth in retort,
Our hero finishes his magical song,
Waving his hand with a blue firey coil,
Twisting it over the demon’s legs as the song starts again,
He pulls it to him and levels the beast.

Landing in snow’s cold torrent,
Leathery skin so white he’s gone as a ghost,
The beast comes forth again,

Behind his powerful, valiant host,
He draws a blade, twisted and gross,
Bringing it down in a dark cleave,

But the hero is quick, and so magically strong,
Catching the blade between two lighting fast palms,
He melts the ice with his magical song,
Breath steaming despite the ice,
He continues to sing,

‘I am Sage,
This is my song,
It’s of a tale not very long,
It’s of a boy not very strong,
Bourn like a fox,
Magic at birth,

So brought my breath,
A magical song,
Strike me a demon,
Hide me in the dark,
But there in the shadow I found a truth very stark,

I am no monster,
I never was an unholy beast,
Never once on a soul did I feast.

No flesh on my tongue of life sentient or bright,
No curse on my lips to stifle the light,
Not once was I dark in this troubled life,

But I am branded with your lot,
Hidden from sight,
Only a legend for heroes to fight,
Now though I am the hero,
And it is you I fight,

Do not fear me your charge will be light,
I will end you tonight,
Tonight I will set this little part of the world right,
Give me an age to make your wrongs right,
And by that end I will be aloud in the people’s sight.’

From the sky comes fire,
Blue and bright,
Scorching the earth and matching sages blue eyed sight.

Cutting the storm and stilling it clean,
Nothing is left but a glade,
Lush with life and flowers,

Alone stands our fox angel,
Haloed in steam,
And for a time he’s nothing obscene.
Just for the while he’s beautiful and serene,
Free in the light with a glimpse of his dream.

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