November 30, 2008
She knows it is almost her time
She waited as if she were waiting in a line
There was only one thing on her mind
What is she going to do… she knows what she wants to do
But she also knows what others want of her too

As her turn comes closer, she moves forward in line
She notices that she’s running out of time
She decides she’s going to go her way, but no wait
Then she thinks about what everyone else is going to say

The person in front of her steps out of line, and as he turns around
She thinks about giving up too, but then she thinks about letting everyone down
As the world sits on her shoulders, she wishes her parents were there to hold her
To give her a push, to fulfill their vision
But she knows it’s time to make her own decisions

A rush of adrenaline, as it’s almost her turn, she panics inside
She wishes her friend had stayed along for the ride
She wants to give up, but she continues to stride as she moves up in line
She knows the right decision to make; She knows the risk she has to take

She is up next in line, she knows it is her time to shine
She decides to follow her heart, and do what she wants in life
Everyone else already had their time; her life is not going to be their rewind
It’s her turn… she steps up and looks him eye to eye
She told him “I can no longer worry about the rest, I AM going to be the best of the best”

God replied, “Good, now you have passed my test.”

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