November 29, 2008
Standing on a cliff
Wondering if you should shift
Your standing on the edge
Walking as if you were on a ledge
Looking at the world below you
As if it is all brand new
You don't know what to do
So you SLOWLY count to two
As you start to lose you step
And you think about the depth
Your family pops into your head
"Well they can't yell at me if I'm dead!"
No more disappointing you
"I'm sorry for what I'm about to do,
For all the pain I might put you through,
But I will ALWAYS love you."
You slowly let your self go
Then someone begins to yell no
But you know that it's too late
You are already falling to your fate
You just keep falling
And falling
And falling
Then you open your eyes
Smelling the pies
You wonder if it was all a dream
Because your swimming in a stream
With your lover and your family….

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