November 27, 2008
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I sit here, waiting
Waiting for the truth to come out
Listening to the muffling behind the clouds
But these clouds are my barriers
Blocking me from my knowing
Knowing what will be
And what will happen ever happen to me
They’re holding in the rain
Making sure that their love is not abstained
“I think I should say something” but I refrain

So I sit here, and I wait
Wait for my mother to tell me that things WON’T be okay
That things will get worse before they get better
The only thing some people will change is their sweater
So I can’t expect to be getting letters
And I want My Father
I want to see him cry
See him be a man.

So I sit here, and I wait.
Head down and I wonder if prison is her fate
So I sit here.
And I listen to the clock
Going, Tic… Toc
Tic… Toc
Watch the minute hand
Of the minute man
Think he belongs in the trashcan
Where the rest of the bitten and the waste is
Ruffling with the rats
And the nats
And the cats that scratch the eyes out of the intruders
Sometimes I wish I had done the same
But that’s the mistake
That I live with.

With my mistake, I sit here and I wait
I’ ve been sitting, waiting, wishing, we believe in superstition
And why do I have to be the son
To change constantly
I adjust to him and I adjust to him
And it all seems just to him
Need to go to church and sing a hymn
And I Say Thank You Lord I Won’t Complain
Because if you have a square, take away a side
Enclose the rest
Is a triangle
Equal on all sides
Most power figure that derides
From two boys becoming men
And a woman who risen again from being put through hell
And that left over side, a segment
A segment that is forgotten
And left into the abyss
Of nothingness

And I sit here, and I wait
Wait for my time to change
Wait like Oedipus
Wait to see my fate.

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