Hooked On Phonics

November 27, 2008
By Ari Massefski, Sharon, MA

Grammar don’t come to you naturally.
At much times, it gives you the frets.
Because when your young, you doesn’t know
how to speaks properly yets.

When your born you don’t know all what you should.
Your speaking does hard to obey.
Because you doesn’t know how to speak real, real good.
And all peoples go running away.

Its sad cuz they thinks you belongs on the street,
An mongrel, an thief, a arrested convict.
You might end up hurt, so watches your back
when you gets punched and bited and kicked.

But please doesn’t fret, itll all be okay
when you’s older and biggier and strong.
And if your lucky, you’s gonna be quick,
And you willn’t must wait to, two long.

Do you a favor and get a good teacher,
So you doesn’t end up quite like me.
My blibbering idiot’s brain couldn’t tell
the difference with “two bee” and “to be.”

And whom knows where you’s going?
Maybe a doctor whose full of glee.
Or a lawyer who shouting at kids.
Or maybe a poet, like me.

When you first starts to poemize,
you might have some toughness.
But after some whiles,
You get over the roughness.

For example, you mightn’t know wear to putt words.
Or weather to use this or that.
Or maybe sometimes you may use lines that are way, whey two long and really shouldn’t be in your poem at all.
Or spelling wouldn’t be in you’re hat.

But you’d get there, don’t worry.
It’ll’all come thru.
And then when your done, and you are famous,
I mightn’t be gooder than you.

The author's comments:
I was sitting in Chemistry class one day, and this poem came to me. It was an inconvenient time, sure, but I couldn't allow myself to forget it. Don't worry-- I copied my friend's notes after class.

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poet613 said...
on Dec. 7 2008 at 12:06 am
this authors' inglish is evun better'n mine!

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