I'm Not There

November 26, 2008
In a world full of
Brains, idiots, goths, preppys and posers
I’m still wondering who or what I’ll be
People are trying to change me
To live up to their expectations
Sick of people changing me
How could they be so heartless
Soon they will wonder why
I’m not there

Just an empty shell
Of whats left of me
I shouldn’t have left them change me
What happened to my will
I’ll get out of bed
Teens will yell, joke and tease
I can’t let them see the real me
Now I am wondering why
I’m not there

I got up today
Looked in the mirror
and made up my face
then went to my closet
then wore what I wanted to wearing
faces staring at me and booing me
for deciding I wanted to be me
but inside I smiled and my heart came back
I’m still here

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