letting go

November 26, 2008
By rachel hurley, Travelers Rest, SC

When forever runs out of time
I’ll be here wishing you home
And when your out of line
I’ll remember the story you once told
You said “forever and ever that’s where we’ll be.
trapped in our own world of pure fantasy.
you’ll be my girl and I’ll never stop holding your hand”
and then you took your last bow
and said “I knew you’d understand”
The number one fact is I miss you way to much
Your in my morning, afternoon, and evening thoughts
I’m surrounded with the fears that I’m forced to face
Every last step you took lead me to this place
You were beauty, hope and grace
You reminded me of all the things I knew I once was
Until you took that last bow and walked out of my world
What do you do when forever flakes out again?
The memories I hold so close are lost in commotion
The lost lead to home dance slow motion
The pain we used to feel begins to wither up
We were each others everything
Until you gave up
You could have stayed
You could have stuck around
Instead you left me tears
You chose to leave me behind buried in years of good times
Goodbye now
I’ll try and let go
Move on
End my everlasting show
Attempt the impossible and try t forget
Live each day without a single regret
You taught me so much
You helped me step out of myself
since you left I’ve caved back into self doubt
I’m letting go slowly
Not surely at all
I’m done

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