Hi, I am a Smoker

November 26, 2008
By Claire Byun, Flowermound, TX

I can’t talk
Because I don’t have a voice box.
I can’t smile
Because I have a yellow teeth.
I can’t hold your hand
Because I have dirty fingernails.
I can’t be shocked
Because I'll have a heart attack.
I can’t be around people
Because I smell bad.
I can’t save money
Because I have to buy more cigarettes.
I can’t say I love you
Because I have bad breath.
I can’t be with my family
Because I will harm them.
I can’t run away from this pain
Because I have breathing problems.
I can’t have a good health.
Because I will never be able to be free from smoking.
I can’t live a normal life
Because I have a cancer.
I can’t wear a normal shirt
Because I have a hole in my neck.
I can’t be with you
Because I will make you sad.
I can’t do anything
Because I am a smoker.

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