The Home Wrecker's Accomplice

November 26, 2008
By Ajibike Lapite, Monroe, LA

Snagged… her heart fell apart
who arth thou and what thou art

the silly lines that tugged her heart
brought her into his arms

And there was he
a horrid mess with hopes to address
that woman’s chest ever blest
with God’s prosperity

Elated… she found him
her heart was never more, overjoyed
in the pool of love she did swim
binding herself to him forevermore

He saw his prize and leapt
toward her heart his stealthy fingers crept
no remorse or love to be found
he played his twisted game

She saw not the goal he made for himself
his dark, and frank intentions
to have this woman to himself
superseding the sorry title of honorable mention

He bent his knee, made her eyes see
what he “wanted” most of all
to think she underestimated his gall
and soon after one’s life eternally mauled

Life continued in that way of hazy superstition
wedding receptions and tiered cakes
and honeymoons as intermission;
for he grew bored and soon ordered her submission

His goal had faced completion
his goal that she hath not knew
he tricked her into a marriage
that she would one day rue

She noticed something about him
the way that he then was
he began to sneak out late
and return with the oddest of blush

He doubted she would notice
but notice she sure did
her woman’s intuition
told her.. he was just a pig

She followed him one evening
the stars twinkled bright
she whispered to her God
to prove her wrong that night

Just as it happens, the moment she was right
was the one time the truth would give her fright
holding hands on the pier, she saw him and you--
What a daring, ill-fate, pair of two!

She watched with eyes held in fast gaze
what could she even do
her eyes soon were ablaze
with anger none could soothe

He sat beside you and stared you in the eyes
out of his lips he uttered truths that counted his past lies
it was obvious to her that he loved you more than she
But it was obvious that she’d never let that be

Complacency in marriage, drained emotion’s core
he sought a new interest to replace his wife (a bore)
she grasped at the tree, and watched with a heavy heart
you and him alone… embracing the earth’s dark

His world was bright and filled
with happiness and glee
you were what he was looking for
to bring his wife to a knee

She could not pity you, not when—
she herself faced the toils of disappointment
and distress; she met him at the house
her heart pumped on

He stared at his wife, but thought only of you
he realized at the moment what they must do
he had his prize and now we must all say
that every prize will have freedom one of these days

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