You are Beauty in My Eyes

November 26, 2008
I see you standing there
With your disfigured look
Your eyes are bulging
And your teeth are bucked
Your looks are uncommonly big
And you nose extremely small
You reek of an unknown smell
And the dust is falling of your clothes
You are holding up a cup
And looking at the passer-byers
As they look down upon your smudged dirty face

But I, I am not one of your passer-byers
I am your observer, your spectator
I look upon the beauty in your eyes
And to me I wonder how it would feel to be you
I am one who has lived life and I am at peace with who I am
But you my friend, got a taste of life
And lost it with the wink of an eye
I see you reaching out for some
Some of that life hat was yours
And now you long for it

I want to be you
I want to feel your pain
I want to learn how to appreciate the life I have at my grasp

But really deep down inside
I want to run to you
And comfort you
And guide you with my heart
I want to bring you back to life with my love
And I don’t want to see you standing there

I want you to have a whole handsome figure
Perfect sky, light eyes
Perfectly lined pearl white teeth
And luscious evenly sized lips
A nose that fits you gorgeous face
And a smell that lights up even the coldest woman’s heart
I want you to be so picture perfectly dressed
That everyone would think you belonged in a magazine
I want you to hold the keys of life in your hands
And for once I want you to be a passer-byer

Let’s trade places so I can see
See what you and people like you see
Let me be you
Let me take hold of your life
And let me feel your pain
While you take hold of my life
And all the joys and happiness I’ve gained

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