The Origin of Fear

November 26, 2008
By Tamara Downs, Chuluota, FL

I would beat a thousand tortured heartbeats
And inhale a poisoned breath
Than face the corpse within the mirror
And come to terms with death

I’d bruise my arms with heavy bludgeons
And turn my tears to ice
To feel their chill is welcome still
Than lose life’s earthly vice

I feel the guilt come off in waves
To doubt a heavenly call
But reality puts me in my grave
And rids me of it all

I would rip the sight from both thine eyes
And lame each foot forever
They both seem lovelier to me
To live is still much better

The quest for immortality
Has torn each man apart
I feel my life might turn the same
It haunts me in my heart

They push my thoughts through time
Could an answer be sent my way?
A response to an old soul rhyme?

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