Person A, B and C

November 25, 2008
By Anonymous

Person A
Yesterday you were mean to me,
today you were mean to Person B,
I hated it!
I tried my best to cheer up Person B,
at first it worked,
I felt good.
But I still wanted to get back,
the only way I knew how,
to make you jealous,
at first it worked.
But doing that,
I made Person B
even more sad.
Its like you said...
I'm a monster
I hate myself for it
I felt like crying
I felt like I was being punished
for a crime.

Person B
Yesterday you were a great friend,
today everyone told you that...
you suck
I wanted to help
at first it worked,
I saw you smile and I loved it!
But as soon as Person A came,
you cute smile went to an angry frown,
I hated it
I wanted to hurt Person A someway,
at first it worked,
but in the end,
I hurt you more,
I didn't know,
you didn't talk to me
I felt useless, depressed
I couldn't speck
you still didn't tell me
I wanted to know so badly...
so you told me,
but you yelled at me instead.
You said
"every time i look at you your next to 'Person C' every time he got up you tackled him and hugged him every F* D* TIME jealousy is what it is and right now it hurts so much I'm going to go run right now, so much for not liking him"
I felt so bad,
I felt like I stabbed someone
without knowing it
I was deeply, truly sorry.
You said you didn't care
I was in pain cause I hurt you,
I was angry cause you said you didn't care.
I was thinking
"you don't know how I felt when you told me that! I was hurt that I hurt you badly and all you can say is 'I don't care' You have no idea how I felt when you were going out with that other girl! I was angry, upset, jealous and I felt betrayed!!! So how can you say that I hurt you so much when I didn't plan to, but you did!"
I was in pain.
I felt useless

Person C
You're always a great friend!
No matter what I do
your always there to cheer me up
I love you for that!
I was put in so much pain
from Person A and B.
But you were there and made me happy.
It's true...
I did try to use you,
but when it was the time,
I didn't
because you were sad and hurt too.
All I wanted to do was to make you happy.
So I did.
I was happy.
You were happy.
I felt like I could help others.
Then Person B,
made my good life to...
my bad life.
You were there,
I tried to smile
I really did, but I couldn't
I'm sorry

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