Peering into Bliss

November 25, 2008
By Elisabeth Popolow, Danville, PA

Look beneath the depths

of anguish

Tears dripping into the well

of despair

We wander, search

Seek for sanity

Or was there really ever such a thing?

The skies ahead are

Tinted a dull gray,

Whilst the bellies of

The clouds are blushed

a peachy spectrum

We sit,

and gaze

Marveling at how the sky's sorrow

Later melts into a burst

of ecstasy

Tomorrow's wind seems but bleached

with silent oppression

But under that false illusion

It is a joyful hymn

Dancing its way to the horizon

We close our eyes,


and throw off the

masks of repent

To see who we once were

and who

we are


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