Nothing Left

November 25, 2008
I'm lost inside the moments
Torn from my dreams
Stripped of potential purity
Ripped at the seams.
Trapped inside emptiness
Drenched in splintering pain
Breathing in a different world
Soaked in rigid shame.
Searching for a missing place
Following what I know
Running too fast
With nowhere left to go.
Crawling on shattered glass
Letting the ashes burn
Looking up to someone else
Not knowing where to turn.
Clinging onto lost hope
Splashing colors through the grey
Falling onto my knees
Ignoring what they say.
Drowning in the memories
Basking in self-hate
Picking up all the pieces
Of my broken fate.

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Jessica! said...
Dec. 10, 2008 at 4:51 pm
Duuude shelby, this is theee best poem ever writtin!ILY!
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