Don't stop believing

November 24, 2008
By Amanda Pittman, Orlando, FL


Fairytales are not real,
That’s what everybody keeps telling me.
It doesn’t matter how I feel,
They say I just need to take a bite of reality.
Get your head out of the clouds and stop playing,
But they just don’t understand what I am saying.
I want that perfect kiss,
That makes the whole world break into song.
But all I hear is it doesn’t exist,
And that I am just wrong.
Why can’t love be magic and sweep me off my feet,
Or be that secret admirer that I long to meet?
I almost stopped believing until you came along,
You melted my heart and filled it with song.
I knew it was possible and no one would believe,
And now I have true love and I know you’ll never leave.
I give my heart to you and I know you give yours too,
And now I can say the words: I LOVE YOU!

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