Hear the Bells Ring Until Death

November 24, 2008
By Eric Hollingshed, Baltimore, MD

Hear the bells ring bronze your young age is not much but you hear all of the beautiful bells but before you knew it was.

The iron bells ringing you feel good until you were hit by a car luckily you wert dead you woke up in the hospital .

Then you hear the steel bells ring young still but never had and girl friend you really want to raise a family when your heart hurts.

Suddenly you hear the gold bells ring you have lots of money your living in and gold mine but you really want and girl friend and kids.

You go crazy at 87 years old you hear the red bells ring and soon crack you blow up your house, your living on the street, your dying, you have no family, you sit in your car with your gun, a 45 colt you stole it from your great grand father when he was still alive

You look at the gun, you look back on your life, you had nothing to live for so you say softly, “god please take me into your kingdom, and please for give me my lord, good bye”. All you hear is a gun shoot its all over forever hear the black bells ring deaths calls you 777.

You wake up, you see the golden gates, you say “I love you lord” you see your family, dad brother or sister, save the best for last, mother and grand mother hear the bells ring for the last time, white bells green bells and blue bells, “have faith my son”, said the lord “welcome to my kingdom”.


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