Identical Friends

November 22, 2008
By Terance Lee Hinson Junior, Carson City, NV

Here is a tale
Of the trouble love sends,
To a pair of inseperable,
Very best friends.

These very best friends
Had the same taste in boys,
Just like as tots
When they liked the same toys.

They never did struggle
To borrow or lend,
They knew that sharing
Was being a friend.

One defending the other
When teased or called names.
One choosing the other when teamed up for games.

They were experts at sharing
Fears, Sorrows and Joys.
And their bond was rock solid,
Until they cared about boys.

It turned out they always
Liked the very same boys,
But this would be different
From sharing a toy.

Will their friedship survive
Their concerns of the heart?
Or will their love for one guy
Tear their friendship apart?

It is yet to be known
how this sad story ends,
For they must choose
Between guys or best friends.

They can ditch all they have
For the love of one guy,
Or hold onto their friendship
And wave him Goob-bye.

The author's comments:
This is a tale i wrote for two of my friends who were fighting over my best friend...

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