My Reality

November 21, 2008
ive Star floet
ive been told that im the master
if life's a race with mother nature then watch me blow right passed her
she's gonna ask me to slow down so ima go alot faster
and when I hit the finish line that's when ima ask her....
what was the point of the race?
did i only aim to win?
If it doesn't end past the finish line, where does the game really begin?

I have a competitive mentality, so losing's never optional
I set my goal, aim for it, and crush any obstacals
some people wish for success, like its gonna come in the mail
keep hoping but hardly working because they're too afraid to fail

The 21st century is my map
So ima make my mark.....
and bring my people some light because there's too many in the dark
out of all the poems you've heard me say, this had to be the latest
forget being the best there was
im at the earge to be the greatest
sometimes you have to go through a great amount of pain to reach high glory
this isnt just a rap, rhyme, or poem
this is my story

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