November 21, 2008
By Jessica Harrington, Rutland, VT

The commands
The rules
The suffering
The pain

a smoker 'cause it 'soothes' the pain
Depressed from the scandals
An unplanned pregnacy

Feels that way...
Feels like I'm Cinderella
The stress and pain makes me want to commit suicide

The only one who seems to care..
Is the one who abandoned me at 7
Feels like I'm in prision
As i walk away to start a new life of my own, a new person
I wonder if I'll be missed

Wanting to be my own person
You tried to kill my streak of Independence
Your attitude gave me unwanted characteristics
You criticized my body...
While I was trying to accept me for me...
I have to get away from the accusing glances
I have to runaway...

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