November 21, 2008
By SapphireCat GOLD, Winchester, Kentucky
SapphireCat GOLD, Winchester, Kentucky
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the sun creeps in through
the blinds on the windows
that cover the walls of my den
I long to slide off the kitchen stool
and warm my cold toes
in the flat stretches of sunshine
that glow on the floor
in striped yellow rectangles
but I know I have to stay
and finish what I began
my mind begins to wander
to far-away places
that don't exist
and my imagination whirls
like a spinning ride at the fair
excited and loud and fast
as ideas explode through my brain
like fireworks
voices fill my head
talking in scripted sentences
that I formulate as they speak
action scenes play out
in vivid, glorious images
my chest purrs with pleasure
tingling with anticipation
as my story bursts to life
and unfolds before my eyes
the clock beeps
reminding me of how much time I've wasted
and what work is left to do
so grudgingly
I allow my bubble of creation to
and collapse into thin air
so I can return to the present
and focus on reality

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