And here I remain

November 23, 2008
Yes, I've always been here.
I stood here in the dark and cold forest even when it was pouring rain
while you left me alone.
I did not change, at all.
I've been here all along screaming in the pure silence;
not only out loud, but in my mind too.
I can't stand to be alone anymore,
but still here I continue to stand.
My existence is invisible to you,
nor is it a significance to you anymore.
With every loud cry of thunder,
my memory goes back to being here with you,
we were there for each other,
every time we needed it,
endless laughing,
and the dreams and goals in which we both carry
and take with us on the long road,
the sky is the limit.
However, I will not end there.
For I will still be standing in the dark and cold forest,
rain pouring around me and lightning shooting at everything,
but me,
for any second, I could just be washed away or struck,
but no, I stay still and firm with high confidence and no support,
hoping for the day you return
and here I remain.

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evillord363 said...
Dec. 3, 2008 at 11:47 pm
heyy. nice :] im so happy for you angie. when you get famous. ill support yuh with my music XD enyway. best of luck.

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