November 23, 2008
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Bubble up
‘Til I nearly burst
Like a balloon
Every fiber within me
Longing to tell the world
Make it feel my joy
My heart sings
My feet dance
I am delirious with happiness
And this delight must be shared
In a singsong voice
To whoever wishes to hear
Find those whom I love
For those who love me will surely be glad
They will feel the triumph
Radiating from me
And laugh for my blissful victory
They will laugh for me
My loved one listens
But I know he is bored
He feels nothing of my elation
I stumble back
Too shocked to say more
He does not care for this thing
That’s caused me so much pleasure
He does not care at all
I can’t believe his cruelty
He lacks the energy to humor me
To be happy for my happiness
To rejoice for my joy
If my excitement was a bursting balloon
Then he has popped it
Pierced it
Not only my eagerness
But my heart as well
I find he is angry
About trivial matters that mean nothing
Next to my thrilling announcement
Next to our supposed friendship
I am furious
But too proud to tell him
How wounded I feel
Instead of arguing
I leave
Determining never again
To share my happiness with him
Never again
To allow him to break me so
I will smile
And laugh
And sing
Within myself
With others around me
But not with him
Not ever

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